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Printer Problems & Solutions

(Printer Friendly Version provided by Thummaji's Solutions)

In this you will find most of the printer problems based on Dot Matrix Series (LQ1050+ series) because i worked with them.

1Q: When taking word table printouts It is not printing Vertical Lines at some point, this is done in LQ 1050+DX in windows 98?

Ans: For this i found that the problem occured at the printer properties. These printing properties selected as graphics session resolution to 120X180 actually that will be default 180X180. I want to clear one thing here that when 120X180 is there it is coming sometimes but that is not coming for having more table columns. The problem may come even when the Printer head pins gone inside little bit. By increasing the graphics you can get the correct result.

2Q: My Customer Suddenly called and said my printer is printing some funny characters (jumble) when given print?

Ans: I know the solution for this problem and simply without seeing his printouts I went and fixed the cables at printer, system side correctly and said give the printout, then he got the correct. so, checkout when you call your hardware engineer.


Here i want to tell, two points, one is when you selected already installed different printer driver then the problem will come but here you can observe small amount of characters will print. Actually what happens the driver converts all the info according to its printer. And second one is when the cable is not connected correctly the data will receive by printer is wrong that is contacting of pins is wrong and you will not get correct printout. so watch out, dont blame others.

3Q: When my customer called and said suddenly the printing has stopped and Iam facing this problem since three, four days?

Ans: So i went there and i observed that the customer is not taking care of his printer . because it is covered with lot of dust and papers. I observe that printer roller is stuck with all these. Then i cleaned every thing, and cleaned roller, serviced with machine oil (which is light machine oil). The problem is solved and now he is getting correctly. What happens some people don't care of their things and they will get these problems when they are in deep trouble or hurry so keep clean and you will get more life of your system and printer.

4Q: Problem is the printout is taking more time compared to earlier days?

Ans: Again here you can observe two things when the printout time is long one is for the above is it requires cleaning (service) and oil on the roller rod, settings changed to other than draft, more than 10 CPI. so checkout the above and you can get the correct results. Second one is in the printer properties details section spool settings are set wrongly that is you have selected directly to the printer option. so change that to start printing after first page is spooled. the above setting directly to the printer is use full when the printer is having more memory (Printer contains memory i.e., more for laserjets). By using this you can take the printouts when the system is off also. because they are in the printers memory.

5Q: Printer is not printing all the lines, i.e., it is printing 3/4 of the paper?

Ans: Here you have to observe the printer page settings, application page settings which may conflict some times. what happens in some printers is the printer can't find or detect the paper length automatically but it takes from the system which are set by the user and prints that much content, the rest in another paper.


I Faced this problem with Apollo color printer when it's properties spool data format set to some user defined. So i removed that one and given printout then that is working find.

6Q: When the printer is printing, suddenly the ribbon is coming out of the head set?

Ans: This Problem will come when you're ribbon set is not correctly adjusted or the main reason is that you didn't have ribbon mask which will hold the ribbon between the roller, head coming upside. This ribbon mask causes to hold the ribbon coming upside. The ribbon mask is having some edge so that it can hold the ribbon coming up. This is placed at the middle position of roller and head watch for the thin steel plate.

7Q: In the LQ1050+Dx printer the paper is not feeding automatically when i insert the paper, at least any solution without moving the roller manually?

Ans: For this the main reason is at the location of paper insertion you will find the button which will make the printer to take paper inside. When we insert the paper that the button will be pressed by the paper so that, this will be activated. If this is not coming you can feed the paper by pressing Load/Eject button (make sure Offline). So clean the button of auto-feed then you can get the result.

8Q: When my customer said, Suddenly my printer become slow, and printing is coming light?

Ans: There i observe that he has adjusted accidentally the lever to mulipart paper and taking single paper print. This will make some how slow compared to earlier. For light printing my explanation to him is actually the head pins are down and they are not that much enough to strike the paper.

9Q: In the HP Deskjet 840c printer I am unable to feed the paper correctly?

Ans: For this there are many reasons. one of them is paper feeder problem. Actually i faced the problem is my client has not arranged the paper feeder inside. instead he adjusted to the backside. And another thing is sometimes the roller which is placed at paper feeding may have lot of dust on that.

Some tips to take printing correctly.

1. Keep the Printer roller, Head Rod clean so that those two can move correctly.
2. Don't keep books, material on them. I observe in offices all the pins, waste papers inside.
3. Adjust the multipart paper feeding correctly.
When you are taking two copies using carbon adjust that to 3, because, we have to consider carbon paper also one.
4. When ever you are inserting the paper see whether that is offline or not.
5. When you inserted the paper correctly dont forget to press online button to get offline to online.
6. If that is printing funny characters checkout the connections.
7. Dont move the head manually when the printer is ON.

(Printer Friendly Version provided by Thummaji's Solutions)