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System Problem & Solutions

Q: If you have the Following problems i.e * Windows Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) * Corrupt registry hives (\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\xxxxxx) * Invalid BOOT.INI files * A corrupt NTOSKRNL.EXE * A missing NT Loader (NTLDR) here is the information?

Answer: GO TO Windows Recovery Console. When booting from the Windows XP CD. There you have to enter the following commands.# There are eight commands you must enter in sequence to repair any of the issues I noted in the opening of this guide. I will introduce them here, and then show the results graphically in the next six steps. These commands are as follows:

* C: CD ..
* C: ATTRIB –H C:\boot.ini
* C:ATTRIB –S C:\boot.ini
* C:ATRIB –R C:\boot.ini
* C: del boot.ini
* C: BOOTCFG /Rebuild

* This step verifies the integrity of the hard drive containing the Windows XPinstallation. While this step is not an essential function in our process, it’s still good to be sure that the drive is physically capable of running windows, in that it contains no bad sectors or other corruptions that might be the culprit. No screenshot necessary here! Just type CHKDSK /R /F at the C:> prompt. Let it proceed; it could take in excess of 30 minutes on slower computers, when this is finished move on to the seventh and final step.

* This last step also requires no screenshot. When you are at the C:> prompt, simply type FIXBOOT. This writes a new boot sector to the hard drive and cleans up all the loose ends we created by rebuilding the BOOT.INI file and the system files. When the Windows Recovery Console asks you if you are “Sure you want to write a new bootsector to the partition : ?” just hit “Y,” then enter to confirm your decision.

1Q: When I enter any address in Internet Explorer it is not displaying the site, but simply says the page cannot be displayed. I installed another browser then also it is not displaying. So I tried yahoo messenger then it is also not coming. When I am connecting to the net there is connecting sound and verifying the username, password and it is coming to the status bar and displaying connection information of recieving data and sending data.

Ans:The Problem is here you have to be careful that your computer is attacked by a virus and another alternative is if any thing problem with the browser try to install  it again or install another browser like Netscape, Mozilla, Opera etc.,


2Q: The problem with the outlook express, i.e When iam taking the printouts of mails the font size coming big even when iam seeing that as normal text. where as i tried all the print settings(text size medium, small, smallest) even though no result. Even i uninstall (Taken backup of emails before) the outlook express and installed newer version though it did not work.

Ans: I tried every thing but it did not work. so, with my friend suggestion I changed the settings of
Internet explorer font. suddenly this gives the result correct. I wonder that IE is effecting the OutLook express.


3Q: I encountered this problem with the PIII board with pentium processor. When I tried to install 32MB RAM, the display gone. (Onboard Display)

Ans: But with my friend suggestion I installed available 128MB RAM then that worked. So i asked him the reason he said the ram speed is not compatible with the board. where as iam not satisfied with this answer.


4Q:Again PIII based system onboard display(ATX), System displaying the boot screen and hanging. So I tried to change the bios settings but it is not entering into that (BIOS)

Ans: But When i removed the connection of CD-ROM it is booting, every thing is alright. So, I wanted to try another solution so attached again the cd-rom and discarded the harddisk and i tried to enter into the BIOS it did not work.

Note: My Request to the user is When you are trying to solve the problem, try to disconnect all the cables and try one by one. so you may get the solution correctly. That you can analyze the solution.


5Q:PII based system every thing is ok(that i checked with another board, processor and etc.,) but display is not coming. Another same problem with the PIII board.

Ans: By doing all the solutions, I tried this by removing battery i got the display. But in the PIII board i have to insert new battery with out battery the display is not coming. And i also tried specially the bios settings clear jumper.


6Q: PII Based System, every thing is ok (that means no shorting, or spoiled) but display is not coming. One thing here i want to tell you that board covered with lot of dust.

Ans: I cleaned Mother Board, Processor, and RAM. Then I tried the solution then i got the display. may be this is one of the solution which is sometimes easy.


7Q: One day my friend tried to clean his system and opened the working system (not mean Power on) and he cleaned every thing including Ram, Ram slot. But when he tried to insert all the system is giving continuous beeps (as RAM failure).

Ans: So, I said him to press the RAM into the slots correctly but he said he did that correctly. so i tried to clear the RAM slots with the cloth and i got the result correctly. That means when he tried to clean the Slots some dust gone inside the slots and it caused the problem. so clean every thing carefully.


8Q: When I on the system there is no response from the system even with the smps. So how to know this problem.

Ans: First Check every connection is ok. Then come to the SMPS remove the power connection from the board because when you are trying this type of solutions try to remove all the connections which are not necessary for the analysis. Now give the power to the smps(AT) and switch on and analyze the problem. If this works then the problem with the Board. Here you have to consider one thing that if you are doing this with the ATX SMPS then you are not having the switch. so how to test that smps. To start the SMPS short the cables "Blue","BLACK(any)" with any power transmiter wire.

Some settings you have to try for the better results.

1. The system becomes slow when Internal Cache Disabled in the Bios Settings.
2. Boot Floppy Seek means read capacity of floppy more than 720kb (BIOS)
3. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


9Q: In My computer os Windows 2000 Professional my cd-rom drive letter showing as G:\ even when iam having only one partition. So how to get the drive letter as D:\.

Ans: This willbe happened when one is trying to set the cd-drive letter as G:\ in Control Panel>System>CD-ROM. So observe the settings and change G: to D: and restart the system then you will get the correct result.


10Q: When the system is on the post operation started and hanged at memory testing.

Ans: So, i removed keyboard and restarted that is working correctly.


11 Q: I installed 64MB RAM additionally to the system which is having already 64MB. Then i found the windows protection error. Before installing this i did not get any errors.

Ans: I tried to insert correctly, cleaned again both the slots, RAMS but it did not work. So i Interchanged both the RAMS that gives correct result to me.


12Q: In Windows 98 iam unable to continue the registry at the time of booting, some message like unable to write into the registry and when i pressed the ok button there system shutting down and restarting.

Ans: So, i wanted to try manually the SCANREG command but i did not find the file in the system, so i copied this file from another system and restarted then that is working correctly.


13Q: In the Windows XP Operating System , Internet Explorer displaying every thing fine when i connected to the internet ( but after few seconds one message like "Not authenticated for Remote Procedure Call" and it is going to shutdown in 1 minute and count down starts and one thing i have to consider here one thing that yahoo messenger also opened.

Ans: I think that some system settings are changed, so i wanted to restore the registry to back as it is. but there i did not found scanreg so i started the computer from windows 98 bootable and executed this command from windows directory and restored to earlier and restarted. When i connected to the net that displaying correctly.


14Q: When i Start the system everything is ok even that booted correctly, but suddenly when iam working all the screen icons, status bar is missing. Iam unable to run other programs because of start button is not there?

Ans: I think this problem is due to operating the system heavily that is installing so many applications which are not compatible. This will happend mostly installing the softwares and not restarting the system. i.e not updating the settings. So if you are using the windows 2000 or xp then one solution to get the desktop correct is invoke the task manager by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC button and in that run new task enter explorer.exe so that mostly it will recover all desktop items. or Even you can access other folders simply running iexplore.exe (Internet explorer) and in the addressbar give that path which folder you want to access.

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